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Specification:Hospital Bed Sale, Tempat Tidur pasien Rumah Sakit, Ranjang pasien Rumah Sakit
Available in various types such as:
- 1 crank [ crank] Manual plus Matrass and Pillar IV
- 2 crank [ crank] Manual plus Matrass and Pillar IV
- 3 crank / crank [ crank] Manual & Electric plus Matrass andPillar IV
- 5 crank / crank [ crank] Electric plus Matrass andPillar IV

- Pillar IV
- Overbed table / bed side cabinet
- Table mayo

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A bed modern hospital
A hospital bed is a bed that is designed specifically for hospitalized patients or others in need of some form of health care. This bed has a special feature for both comfort and welfare of patients and for the convenience of health workers. Common features include adjustable height for the entire bed, head, and legs, adjustable side rails, and an electronic switch to operate both the bed and nearby electronic devices.
Hospital beds and other similar types of bed that is used not only in hospitals, but in other health care facilities and settings, such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, outpatient clinics, and in home health care.
While the term " hospital bed " can refer to an actual bed, " bed " The term is also used to describe the amount of space in health care facilities, as the capacity for the number of patients available at the facility are measured in " bed. "
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A history of hospital beds
2 Features of a modern hospital beds
2.1 Wheels
2.2 Altitude
2.3 Side rail
3 Disadvantages
3.1 Costs
3.2 Effects on patient health
3.3 Security
4 See also
5 References
[ Edit] History of hospital beds

Beds with side rails adjusted first appeared in England some time between 1815 and 1825 [ 1] .
In 1874 Andrew Wuest firm mattress and Children, Cincinnati, Ohio, filed a patent for this type of mattress frame with hinged head which can be lifted, the predecessor of the modern hospital bed. [ 2] .
3-bed modern hospital adjusted segment was created by Willis Dew Gatch, chairman of the Department of Surgery at the Indiana University School of Medicine, in the early 20th century. This type of bed is sometimes referred to as the Gatch Bed [ 3] .
Push-button bed modern hospital was created in 1945, and originally included a built-in toilet in hopes of eliminating the potty [ 4] .
[ Edit] The features of a modern hospital bed

[ Edit] Wheel
Wheels allow easy movement of bed, either in part of their facilities are located, or in the room. Sometimes, the movement of the bed a few inches to several feet may be needed in patient care.
Wheels locked. For safety, the wheels can be locked when transferring patients in or out of bed [ 5] .
[ Edit] Altitude
The bed can be raised and lowered in the head, legs, and their overall height. While in the old bed, this is done with the crank is usually found at the foot of the bed, modern bed, this feature is electronic.
Today, while the full electric bed has many features that are electronic, semi-electric bed has two motors, one to lift his head, and the other to increase the foot [ 6] .
Increasing the head ( known as the Fowler position) may provide some benefit for patients, staff, or both. Fowler used to position the patient sit upright to eat or certain other activities, or in some patients, may ease breathing, or it may be beneficial to patients for other reasons [ 7] .
Increasing movement of the feet can help ease the patient' s head toward the bed and may also be required for certain conditions.
Raise and lower the height of the bed can help bring a bed to a comfortable level for patients to get in and out of bed, or for nurses to work with patients.
[ Edit] Side rails
The bed has side rails that can be raised or lowered. The rails, which serves as protection for patients and can sometimes make patients feel more secure, can also include buttons that are used for their operation by the staff and patients to move the bed, calling the nurse, or even control the television [ 8] .
There are different types of side rail to serve different purposes. While some only to prevent patients falling out of bed, which can lead to injury, others contain equipment that can help the patient him / herself without physically restricting the patient to sleep [ 9] .
Side rails, if not constructed properly, can be a risk to patient entrapment. In the United States, more than 300 deaths reported as a result of between 1985 and 2004 [ 10] . As a result, the Food and Drug Administration has set guidelines on the safety side rail [ 11] .
In some cases, the use of rail may require doctor' s orders ( depending on the laws and policies of the facility where they are used) as the rails can be regarded as a form of medical restraint.
[ Edit] Disadvantages

[ Edit] Costs
Hospital bed, because it' s so complex, can also be expensive, thereby increasing health care costs. A single bed can cost more than $ 100, 000 USD [ 12] .
[ Edit] Effect on patient health
Hospital beds can make a more rounded spine patients because patients are sitting up a lot, such as when watching television, tend to sag [ 13] .
[ Edit] Security
Patient safety has been a concern with hospital beds.
In 1982, a 3-year in Milwaukee girl hospitalized for pneumonia killed when crushed by a mechanical hospital beds [ 14] .
In 1983, a 11-years old Illinois boy was strangled to death by hospital beds [ 15]
[ Edit] See also

[ Edit] References

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^ Los Angeles Times, January 15, 1982 Girl, 3, Killed by Hospital Bed Technique, His Family Says
^ The Sun of Baltimore, Md. April 19, 1983 Ill. boy, 11, was strangled in bed hospital accident
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Dengan spesifikasi :
- Description : Patient Bed
- Material : Steel, Stainless steel
- Construction : Steel plate 1mm and Steel pipe 1, 2mm
- Finishing : Epoxy Powder Coating
- Dimension : 200 x 90 x 60 cm
- Weight : 70kg
- Accessories : 4 wheel Matress
- Optional : Side Rail and Infus Stand
- Made in Indonesia or China
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